1. get down

From the recording Upon a Twice Time

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gabriola november 1973
the stump farm was a mile off the main road deep in the woods
without a car, lots of walking, often at night
with nothing but starlight

get down

country road listen to the trees
sunset dusk twilight night time
balls of fire sailing through the sea
and i've seen the lights of heaven
singing secrets of their wisdom
stand and listen to the cosmic music
and there

ain't no illusion going to
do away with this mass confusion
we got to get down
to what is real

look in the sky don't you see a sign
aquarius is now upon us
strengthen your soul
leave all your gold behind
and there's hard times upon us
there ain't no time for being dishonest
can't you see we can be free
if we're real
and there

ain't no illusion.....