1. go figure

From the recording Kingdom Come

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a song about the crazy world of new orleans
where one day can be as different as the next

go figure

monday i start out in the gutter
tuesday i'm standing on top of the world
wednesday i'm right back where i started
thursday every oyster's got a pearl
i said hmmm i don't get it
hmmm makes no sense
hmmm that's crazy
go figure go figure
i said hmmm i just don't get it
hmmm makes no sense
that's crazy
go figure
friday i'm flying with the eagle
saturday barely landing on my feet
sunday everything's coming up roses
by night time there's just petals at my feet
i said hmmm...
monday it's all thunder and lightning
tuesday's like summer without end
wednesday i'm down to my last dollar
thursday i got more than i can spend
i said hmmm...
friday can't wait till this is over
saturday i'm giving it all i got
sunday starts out with such promise
time it's done every hope i had is shot
i said hmmm...
i said hmmm makes no sense
hmmm i don't get it
go figure
that's crazy
hmmm un-huh don't get it
hmmm no don't get it
go figure
go figure