1. mama said

From the recording Kingdom Come

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a song about two girls
one of them being my mum

mama said

mama said don't you bet on the horses
always make the best of what you got
mend your fences make no pretenses
never break a woman's heart
mama said don't you gamble at dice
always put the horse before the cart
respect yourself but above all else
never break a woman's heart
she said never break a woman's heart
young christine she was just eighteen
told her leave your papa's home
come with me there's so much to see
let's go ramble and roam yeah
we went west we heard that's the best
i was just crazy 'bout the girl
loved her so with her i'd go
clean around the whole free world
mama said.....
we came to ground far from our home town
found a little country farm
a simple home but it was all our own
full of love and low rent charm yeah
we had a life just like a husband and wife
i never thought to go or stray
we stayed together through all that weather
nothing would get in our way
mama said.....
young christine barely made nineteen
i kind of lost my mind
i ran away and still today
i think i must have been blind
i broke her heart and the saddest part
i didn't even think twice
i kept my word on every thing i heard
but the best part of mama's advice
mama said.....