From the recording Long & Tall Tales

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after a long winter we decided to head south before the next one hit
we weren't really waltzing
but we managed to dance our way out of trouble
everywhere we went

waltzing the americas

out in the desert, thumbs in the air
t or c new mexico
here comes senor pedro with his convoy of junkers
to the scrapyards cross the border they go
we blew through el paso to the heart of juarez
like entering hell at high noon
i said senor por favor take us to the train
we rode south to the mexican moon

waltzing the americas with carolann’s daughter
waltzing the americas by land and by water
cross the deserts and the plains, the mountains and valleys
down the grand boulevards, the back streets and alleys
waltzing the americas

high in oaxaca roof of the world
paradise up in the sky
maybe we found the place we’re looking for
miguel said stay here for a while (mi casa su casa)
she said let’s not find us any trouble
there’s no one to help us round here
i remembered her words the day she went missing
with a shotgun leveled at my ear

waltzing the americas....

carolann’s daughter was the prettiest girl
i’d ever seen in the whole wide world
loved her so much that i’d do anything
knew that someday she’d be wearing my ring

next we tried old san cristobal de las casas
pretty spanish town near the frontier
she liked it fine but she said let’s explore
take a bus to a village round here
they said we don’t get many strangers
(no hay gringo aca)
you should go back to the town
(para la ciudad, adios)
the air kind of smelled like maybe armed revolution
for once she said let’s turn around

waltzing the americas.....

down we went to guatemala
that’s where we found rainbow’s end
our own bamboo hut at the edge of the town
by the shores of lago atitlan
next year the killing and murders would happen
the whole town went out of its mind
but the time we were there was the sweetest of all
the people so good and so kind

waltzing the americas....

carolann’s daughter had such a fine smile
everyone we met loved her, man, woman, and child
i wish them all hope, i wish them all peace
from poverty, slavery, killing, release

livingston sound of the islands
we danced like our spirirts were free
she said let’s talk, i’ve been dreaming bout home
from here just how far would that be
ah but cuzco, and rio, argentina, santiago
the andes, the great amazon
not even half way to tierra del fuego
but we knew we couldn’t go on

waltzing the americas.....