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Playing live again!

photo Edward Butterworth



 I am now able to sell my music directly to you off my own website, with paypal only so far

 I now have five of my albums here on my own site

The music page has all five albums available for download of uncompressed high quality wav files

Streaming is free and also plays back in CD quality sound. It's phat!

Payment goes directly to me not some record company or streaming giant

Your support is highly appreciated!

 The song shop page has five (loosely) categorized music pages of different styles

All songs on this site are available to license for use in film, video, ads, and as cover tunes

All songs produced by Kelly Cavanagh except where noted


My song Rolling River from the Huckle album Wild Blue Yonder (1976)

was chosen for the movie The Wife starring Glenn Close and Christian Slater

She won a number of awards for the film, including being nominated for best actress Oscar 2019

The royalties are nice!



If you were looking for hucklesownhomepage you have come to the right place

The page hucklesownhomepage has stuff from my former website which is now closed

The page huckle albums has tracks from my four releases in the 1970s



feel free to contact me with any comments

or leave a message re licensing information


All songs ©Kelly Cavanagh Homespun Music SOCAN except where noted



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