1. flowers

From the recording flowers



sally i love you
like the flowers in the field
the sun in the sky
the river flowing by
i hear you in the song and dance
of every season
the thunderclouds flying
the willow tree sighing
i spend my time
just thinking about you
but i can't find the words to say
i love you every way
and i hope and i pray
you'll be coming my way some day
the birds will sing their tunes
until the runaway moon
comes to make the green and gold
into grey
but i'll sing all night long
until the early light of dawn
comes to waken the world again
i spend my time just dreaming about you
but words can be so hard to find
so i give you my song
and hope to make you aware
there will always be someone who cares
sally i love you like the
flowers in the meadow
the wind and the stars
the song of the lark