1. the last round

From the recording the last round


my only original song on the sodbuster album

the last round

the city's so pretty with her lights on at night
see the ships in the harbour
and clear across the bay
and the grouse mountain skyride
like a ghost from the rockies
but i still can't see the stars
and the pavement's much too hard

i'm tired of seeing these broken old men
their ruined lives disappearing down the alleys
i don't see no sense in hanging around
all i got is sore eyeballs and a pocket full of change

i'll play for your nickels and i'll play for your dimes
all i really want to do is just to make you smile
i came into town now i'm turning around
cause all i got is sore fingers and a pocketful of change

i'm sick to heart of seeing these lonely old drunkards
the women hanging out in the doorways
the junkies and the whores and the dealers in the bars
and all i got is sore insteps and a pocketful of change

the city has driven me away to the hills
i can still find some peace of mind and i know i always will
if the noise of the city life is choking your soul
won't you open up your eyes before you get too old

the country's so fine i can take my time
ain't nobody hanging on my next move
i don't see no sense in going into town
but i'll meet you down on main street
and we'll go for one last round
yeah we'll go for one last round