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she's coming home



salt spring august 1974

a lazy day at the lake on the sodbuster ranch




hear the music of the sweet songbird

singing in the heat of the day

i've been down in the water

looking to the sun

on a lazy old summer day

i see life in its fullness

rich and green and growing wild

big old trees dancing in the wind song

i am but a child


she's coming home

she's coming home

i've been waiting so long

to hold you close to me

and i know that you're coming home


well i can't help thinking

it's a son of a gun

but you make me feel so fine

even when you're a thousand miles away

i can feel your heart beat in tune to mine

when i read your letter

brought tears to my eyes

i love you more than anyone

i'm getting higher i feel you coming home


she's coming home.....