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beautiful you are



santiago atitlan december 1974

i didn't take my guitar

a friend loaned me his nylon string classical

missing the e string

i put some green fishing line on it

and wrote a couple songs


your eyes they shine like the morning dew

i seen your light come shining through

cast your ray of love my way

and we will go sailing

up on the winds of heaven

spread your wings like the eagle and we will

fly into the sun


you don’t know

how beautiful you are

you don’t know

how much you can thank your lucky stars

there’s an angel looking out for you

there ain’t no need to fear

you don’t know

how beautiful you are


up and down and round and

round and round we go

but you can’t go up without going down

no need to dwell in a cloudy day

tell them to be gone

tell them to shine on

you have the power if you just

keep it shining strong


you don’t know.....


there’s a certain kind of rhythm

weaving through this tapestry

sometimes it’s hard to hear it drumming

sometimes it’s so clear

sometimes it’s so near

we can all be flowing like the old

river down to the sea


you don’t know.....


you don’t know how beautiful

beautiful you are