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   Links to clothing, music, videos, and other fun stuff
art of where online clothing shop
    Clothing with designs and patterns by pfixation for sale
   Catalog of Kelly's pfixation fabric patterns on the web
BC Musician magazine  
   Article about Huckle by Allan MacInnis in the October 2016 issue
cd baby
   Real Fantasy Band
cd baby
   Three of Kelly's CDs available for download
   Three of Kelly's CDs available for download
youtube channel
   Kelly's video channel
the new old west
   Video "The New Old West" about Santa Ynez Valley, "Sideways" country
   using the instrumental track Blackburn Ramble as background music
music xray
   Song shopping site
upon a once time
   Free streaming of Huckle's first album on youtube
wild blue yonder
   Free streaming of Huckle's second album on youtube
mapache records
   Huckle's vinyl album reissues made here
cd baby
   Huckle downloads
   Huckle downloads
   Huckle rare vinyl