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streets of new orleans

kingdom come



i'll be there directly





shoulder to shoulder beauty and beast

side by side famine and feast

drawn to the quarter to find release

streets of new orleans

streets of new orleans


streets of new orleans are sticky like glue

gets in the cracks of the sole of your shoe

starts rising upward till it's part of you

streets of new orleans...


how they dance promenade the street

how they parade and pound out the beat

brass band roars like elephants in heat

streets of new orleans...


sugar daddy jones got the magic touch

got into bad habits cause it hurt so much

could not go on without his crutch

streets of new orleans...


cher amelie

c'est amelie

je t'aime beaucoup

je t'aime aussi

you make it easy you make it true


a feathered mask a painted face

i feel desire melting space

mass euphoria in its place

streets of new orleans...


why drink water when i have wine

why give the reaper any more time

why drink yours when i can drink mine

streets of new orleans...


sun rises up behind algiers

to make the black so blue