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Kelly's second cd takes you on a trip through the streets of New Orleans where he lived and performed till April 2005, and where most of these songs were written. Still sliding on the steel guitar, this time the instrumentation also includes acoustic guitar, bass, and vocal harmonies. These songs still fit into a country blues/folk vein,  but the style has widened to more of a Louisiana gumbo influence. Another Shore takes you back to the origin of the Acadian/Cajun people, Streets of New Orleans through the darkened streets of the French Quarter, and Mama Said sounds like it might have come through Lafayette. These songs are dedicated to the city and people of New Orleans, all y'all.

Produced by Kelly Cavanagh

Recorded on Salt Spring Island 2007

Released July 25, 2008


Kelly Cavanagh - steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass

Sarah Morris - vocals

Dave Roland - standup bass